Raccoon family

London bus

 I put my charactors together in a London bus from previous drawings which I wanted to give a new life to.
        Magic chocolate

This story was for my MA gradutaton exhibiton 
(Children's Book Illustration course at the Cambridge School of Art) .
1st – 10th February 2011
The Gallery at Foyles (3rd floor)
Jack's boat

I was born and spent my childhood in a costal city,  which I often miss.
This story was from my homesickness.
         U is for Under water

This was my entry from our class project, an ABC book. 
It was my first linocut.

        The baby deer gets lost 

 I developed this story after seeing a baby deer, 
when I passed the Botanic garden (it wasn't supposed to be there)
in Cambridge early spring in 2009. It was my first time 
to see a wild deer, so I was quite excited!